Innovation Café is designed to be an environment of creativity and innovation where like-minded people come together to ideate, consult and network in their comfort.


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Innovation Café is a collaborative community of innovators, digital devotees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs sharing skills and helping each other to transform ideas and dreams into actions in an environment of creativity and innovation.

“Come, Collaborate, &Create – Great Things can Happen Over a Good Cup of Coffee”


The community will have:


Membership (Coming soon) 

Innovation Café is a creative playground for startups, freelancers, consultants, and established businesses in Qatar. We invite every shareholder of this vast ecosystem to be a member of this growing group of change-makers in the country.


Event space: 

Innovation Café aims to become ‘The Hub' of creative action for entrepreneurship and business in Qatar. We will have designed space for enterprises and associations to conduct events. They can organise their workshop, conference, seminar, hackathon, startup meetups, and tech tours here. We will have a dedicated team and cultural transformation experts to design tailor-made events.

IC Lab:

Challenge troubleshooting collaborative event, where members work alongside fellow members and our entrepreneurs in residence to find solutions to problems or strategically manage a startup business.


Community events:

An emerging startup ecosystem in its early stages, Qatar needs every member of this community to come together to grow and learn as a team. Innovation Café aims to be the catalyst of this movement. Innovation Café will hustle relentlessly to create an exciting startup ecosystem in this country by bringing startup founders and wannabe entrepreneurs together to talk and deliberate on market trends, emerging tech and opportunities. We intend to organize events, both weekly and monthly, in the following categories:


Conferences: Congregation of experts on a wide variety of topics over the year: 

  • Entrepreneurship Summit

  • Corporate Night

  • Startup Site

  • Venture Meet

  • Women Entrepreneurs’ Day

  • Hackathons: Rapid development competitions pertaining to hardware and software, both product-based and service-based

  • 6 Hour Hackathon

  • Social meetups: Events to interact directly with community managers, entrepreneurs, influencers et al


Paid Services: 


Coffee with Mentors: One-to-one training sessions with entrepreneurs and strategists at the top of their fields.

Brand Audit: 

A brand audit is effectively a health check of the brand to identify and address problems areas with a net result of helping you turn things around and grow your bottom line. The Audit will cover the following:

• Evaluate the branding elements

• Review business model

• Review of Marketing Strategy and provide the report

• Review the customer journey mapping (if applicable) • Review customer Experience guideline (if applicable) • Review Operation workflow


*Prices Depends on the business model and scale


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