360° Innovation Deep Dive Assessment

“Where to look and what to fix”

Creation and dissemination of common language, tools and processes for collective problem-solving. Clients from any industry, size and stage of their innovation cycle will find this service invaluable in navigating them through inexplicit scenarios.

What will clients get:

A 360° diagnostic assessment report benchmarked against TOP global performers together with evidence-based recommendations on where to start their journey of innovation and what to focus on to reach the intended destination.

Design Thinking Workshop

“Good ideas are plentiful but there is a science to fostering the most effective ones”

A powerful approach in embedding a culture of innovation- design thinking will cut through the silos and will draw upon logic, imagination, intuition and co-creation on a solution exploration journey.

What will clients get:

A structured and highly interactive workshop that is founded on customer-centric principles in unveiling new meaningful and collaborative opportunities between participants.

What value will it bring: 

Breakthrough toughest challenges with a systematic approach that uncovers innovative insights/solutions and hidden potential in a collaborative spirit.

A flexible 1-2 days super-charged workshop, Hackathons are ideal for any organisation/team looking to explore the potential of observation, hypothesis, idea or a product. We run Hackathons to motivate and engage teams to reach a higher creative level, all the way from an early observation to a tangible prototype

Startup Services

We offer a wide range of services for startups, to help them grow and raise, find out more in our startup community page 

Space To Think and Meet

Coffee, Consulting, and Creativity.


Growing a business requires two things - great consulting, and great coffee. Currently, there is no space in Qatar that lets people meet in a professional, inspiring, and comfortable environment. Innovation Cafe was created to change that, introducing a safe space to discuss your business surrounded by like-minded people.

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